Importance of Science in Key Stage 1 And 2

Scientific concepts that are better understood when a child is still very young. As the brain is still in the developmental process, a child can easily relate to some subjects and understand them better than when you wait till a child is older. It is possible that a child will understand science better in other stages of learning if they love the subject when young. Still, they may be interested to pursue a career in science and give solutions to some of the underlying problems in the society.

Children are normally curious at an early age. They will always want to discover the world, and they can ask many questions in trying to understand their surrounding. Parents and teachers should take advantage of this and introduce science to them. This curiosity should be turned into something good that will help them in their future.

Note that as the children grow older, they are less curious and will hence ask fewer questions. This only means that science is bets introduced at a very early age; even before enrolling in a school. A parent should find time to explain daily occurrences in a scientific manner so that kids can fully understand why things happen in the way that they do.

Research on hard topics in science should also be encouraged amongst children.
Parents play an important role in helping children at key stage 1 and 2 to understand the subject better. Just by pointing out some of the concepts on a daily basis, children will want to discover more on the topic. It is also important to surround this child with relevant KS2 resources such as games, books, software programs and quizzes. Further, a parent can encourage a child to conduct some experiments at home and hence learn in the process.